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Al-Kerim: The Generous One


Allah Kerim Allah Hu

The esma of Kerim is one of the 99 names or attributes of Allah. It is the esma that shows the generosity of Allah.

The esma of Kerim is the attribute of generosity of Allah Who has created everything. Allah is able and capable of all things, it is He Who has created all things and everything that He has created is in the state of offering and the attribute that shows the generosity in the state of offering is the attribute of Kerim. This attribute of Kerim is one of the greatest attributes that comes after Rahman, the Merciful, and Rahim, the Beneficent. It is with this that He is offering to all things that are created and it is through this offering that we find life. When the attribute of Kerim is opened inside of people, then those people also begin to become generous and this generosity is giving, not just giving money, but also giving love, giving a sweet word, showing a smile, being patient when angry, not doing bad things and showing goodness as a response to badness. All things like this fall under giving.

People have two important characteristics and it is these characteristics that will bring you closer to Allah. The first characteristic is giving and the second is loving. and this giving and loving are twins. When people live with these, they become perfect. Loving and giving, both of these characteristics make a person beautiful and bring a person closer to Allah.

We have to look at generosity. At least, whatever we are eating we should also feed the people we are with. What does this mean? This means that people have to help one another. However much we can be an offering to one another, Allah will also be that much an offering to us. Because the true place of those who are Kerim is Allah.

The path of dervishness is the road that goes to the attribute of Kerim. A dervish is giving, he is not one who holds. He will give all of the love in his heart to people and he will give it to animals. He will give this love to everything that lives in nature and in exchange for this he will get the love of Allah.

All of the prophets who are in possession of the Divine Light of Muhammed, all of the Aziz, the saints, all the evliyas, the friends of Allah, have attained the attribute of Kerim.

Ya Rabb, we ask of you, do not separate us from their footsteps. Make it our nasib, our lot, to walk their beautiful path and let us live among each other with this love. Always increase the ashk, the Divine Love, in our hearts. Ya Rabb, do not separate us from one another. Make it our nasib to have the Nur of Muhammed, the Divine Light of Muhammed, born in our hearts. These come from the attribute of Kerim. With His attribute of Kerim Allah is offering to all things He has created. To work is up to us. To give comes from Allah. However much we work that is how much offering we will get in exchange. Allah says, "Surely, I will give you what you have worked for."

Allah Kerim, Allah Hu.