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Al-Mu'izz: The Bestower of Honor

Allah Mu'izz Allah Hu.

The esma of Mu'izz is an attribute that comes from the root word "IZ". "IZ" has the meaning of exaltedness and dignity. It is the attribute of Allah that gives pride and dignity to all of His creations. When Allah created His servants, He created them with this beauty and goodness, and in order that they did not lose the beauty and goodness he sent them knowledge, and through these attributes he has allowed this beauty and goodness to be known. And one of these attributes is His attribute of Mu'izz. If we live our life beautifully, if we pass our days in the way Allah wishes us to, every day he will honor us anew.

Every thing that Allah has created, he has created as service to us. He has not denied us any joy or pleasure. With every joy, with every pleasure, we will gain our dignification, our honor. But there are ways in which to do this. There are rules. When we follow these rules we will gain our dignity. Then , our honor will increase in the eyes of Allah. We will find beauty and goodness. When we find this beauty and goodness, we will serve the people through goodness and beauty. If we live the opposite of this... the opposite of this is arrogance. People sometimes compare arrogance with pride. The dignity and pride that Allah gives, is the dignity and pride that you find in the beauty and goodness that you attain through living the way that Allah wishes you to live. Then you will know your nafs, your soul, you will know and recognize people. You will know and recognize life, and you will always go after that which is good and beautiful. If you live the opposite of this, then you have arrogance. You think that you know yourself, look down on people, and think that you do everything yourself. Because this comes completely from the ego nafs, this is not dignity. This is arrogance. Then the doors of jahannem, of hell, are opened. What is hell? Your own loss of inner peace, loss of huzur, it's your own fire inside yourself. So we have to distinguish between dignity and pride.

The esma of Mu'izz is the esma that is given to you within the beauty and goodness. Inside of it there is sincerity, there is humbleness. There is service to people. Then your character will be exalted, and you will find the izet, the dignity, and they will call you arif, one who knows. You will be a possessor of irfan, of enlightenment from experiential knowledge. You will live with hikmet, with wisdom. And you will speak with hikmet, and so many great doors will open for you. If we live the opposite of this, if we come in front of Allah and his prophets in the opposite way, then our nafs will rage. We will become zalim, tyrants, and we will become arrogant, and we will think this to be exaltedness, dignity; like, for example, what the Pharoah did to Musa, Moses. Musa had izet, he had dignity. He was in service with the beauty of Allah. He was testimony to his own character's exaltedness. The Pharoah said, I have this too. With his ego he made arrogance, and proved the opposite of it. That arrogance made him one of the zalim, of the tyrants. It was the same between Ebu Jehil and Hazret-i-Muhammad . In Muhammad, there was izet, there was dignity, and with his own honor he was bestowing honor on those around him. He was bringing people to service, and he was connecting people to one another with sincerity and faithfulness. Whereas Ebu Jehil was doing the opposite. He was a man of knowledge. He saw himself as better and in arrogance said, I know better. He said, I can rule over people in a better way. Just like the Pharoah he became one of the oppressors.

Allah has given us these examples in the Koran, so that we, people, can find the correct path, and live with that great dignity. And not become arrogant. This is from the attribute of Mu'izz. As this opens within people, the people can come to a great many secrets.

Allah Mu'izz Allah Hu