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Az-Zahir: The Manifest One
The attribute of Zahir is the attribute that is most evident in the world. As long as all of the world, all of the human beings in this world, don't correct their Zahir, the goodness and beauty of Allah will not manifest. If we take our steps properly, then we will encounter the beauty of Allah. What is our Zahir? It is our actions. We have to correct these, and then we can find goodness and beauty.


Allah Zahir Allah Hu

The esma of Zahir is one of the 99 attributes of Allah. Its meaning shows the manifest face, the evident face, of Allah the Creator in everything that He has created. It is the reflection of the outward face of Allah on the surface of this world.

Everywhere our eyes are seeing His being. It is with this attribute of Zahir that He is manifest, and by seeing this everywhere we bear witness to it. Everywhere His being exists. The attribute of Zahir, the External, is the outer appearance. Everything that Allah has created has two appearances. One is the external. This is the one that is necessary for us in this world; it is reality. Then there is the inner appearance, and this is Batin. When Allah is manifest in this world, it is both with His attribute of Zahir and with the attribute of Batin. Everything is fixed accordingly.

Allah checks the actions of the human beings that He has created with the Zahir. This is what He says in the Qurani Kerim: "It is by looking at the Zahir, the Outward, that We pass judgment." However the human being lives in the Zahir, however he acts, determines what he encounters. Allah's judgment is dependent on your actions, because this is what He offers in the Quran: "Whatever your Zahir is like is what My judgment will be." That is why we are always saying that our actions that come into the Zahir have to reflect Allah's oneness so that when Allah gives His judgment, it will be for our own beauty and goodness. If corrupt actions come into our Zahir, then the judgment that Allah gives will cause us to suffer difficulties. We have to live with good ahlak, behavior and conduct, so that our actions can become beautiful, and then Allah's judgment will come to us with goodness and beauty.

Allah created everything, and created it beautifully and well, but because we can't correct our Zahir, prophets have been sent down to this world from the Zahir face of Allah. All of the prophets that have come, all of the evliya, the saints, the friends of Allah, by showing the Zahir attribute of Allah, have given direction to humanity towards this Oneness. The attribute of Zahir is always evident, at every moment. Every breath that we take is reflecting His Zahir attribute. We have to use all of ourselves in a beautiful and good way. We have to correct our Zahir because Allah has given us the mind to do so. He will correct our Batin, our inner side, Himself. That is dependent upon His internal strength. We have to occupy ourselves with the Zahir, and when we correct this Zahir, then Allah is going to send to us the beauty and goodness of the Batin as a present.

The actions that we perform are all the attribute of Zahir of Allah. As we let this good ahlak live, we are showing its reflection of the world on ourselves. Allah gives His judgment by looking at our Zahir. Let us not forget this. To become beautiful, we have to make our Zahir beautiful. Then we are going to turn to our inner face.

  Allah Zahir Allah Hu.